i need help! i need a good dumplin recipe for my chicken and dumplins.?

i don’t know what i’m doing wrong, mine seem to just melt away in the broth. i like them to be relatively "biscuity", kind of light. i do not like tough ones. please help.

Good Ole Southern Homemade Chicken and Dumplins or steak dinner?

(((Sky walker))) For you?……. I can dot that. I make the best tea, the best dumplins. (:0)

dot that? lol. ~cute I can do that. I can. I can. ( :0)
(((Lost Angel))) Yes ma am they are. ( :0)

Can somebody help me budget my money please?

I have been obese for 3 years and am now trying to lose weight… I am an author / writer so I make my own hours, work when I want to and refrain when I don’t feel like it…

1. Walk 40 minutes at 2.5 miles an hour, 150 calories
2. Use the Technogym (which is walking from side to side rather than walking straight) 1200 calories in an hour
3. Walk 2.5 miles an hour, at a 5 degree incline for 1 hour (400 calories)
4. Ride the bycicle at medium resistence for 1 hour (350 calories)
5. Walk 2.5 miles an hour, at a 5 degree incline for 1 hour (400 calories)
6. Use the technogym for 1 hour (1200 calories)
7. Walk 3 miles an hour for 1 hour (300 calories)
8. Play around the in the pool and try to stay afloat in deep water (40 calories)

So now I have to eat 3 times during the 8 hours I spend in the gym… can somebody help me arrange this?

These are my options (I do not drive)

1. Foot long subway standwhich 7 dollars
2. Wonton shrimp dumplins 4.50
3. Chicken and Scallop Congee 6.50
4. Swiss Chalet Chicken wrap 10.00 (after taxes)
5. Sushi Katswagana .00 dollars a plate
6. Tim Hortons Chicken wrap 3.50 (after taxes)

I am trying to restrict my spending to 20 dollars a day… so I don’t want to invest too much money into eating out. I cannot cook or bring food with me…

What should I spend my money on?